Inspired by Mama

No one cooks more at home, than the Pakistani moms. They are the soul and heart, the tradition bearers and innovators of Pakistani food culture. A culture that for a long time has been overshadowed by the global popularity of the Indian kitchen. Zahida arrived in the United Kingdom as a hopeful migrant after leaving Pakistan’s Jhelum City in the mid 70’s, bringing her optimism, love for authentic home cooking and a bag of home ground spices. Needless to say, the 70’s weren’t the easiest times to acquire all the comforts from home, but nearly 40 years later after a home cooking revolution, the future looks bright. The Pakistani mom is the lifeblood of home cooking, she sources the ingredients daily, piece by piece, navigating through the crowded marketplace sometimes for hours. No two days are quite the same but each dish is made with the love and care that only a mother can produce.

KD Bar

Cocktails & Dans

Når solen går ned over Frederiksberg Allé i weekenderne, bliver belysningen i Kellerdirks smukke lokaler dæmpet en anelse, og musikken skruet en tand op.

Selskaber & Catering

Mad til enhver lejlighed

Hos Kellerdirk har du mulighed for at fejre særlige højtider i vores lokaler, samt bestille catering til din virksomhed.